What is ScriptCraft?

ScriptCraft is a Minecraft Mod that lets you extend Minecraft using the Javascript Programming Language. ScriptCraft makes modding Minecraft easier. It includes a logo-like "Drone" object that can be used to build complex buildings, roads, villages, even entire cities. It also includes many other features that make modding Minecraft easier.

Where can I get ScriptCraft?

You can download the latest version here.

What you'll need

ScriptCraft is a Minecraft Server plugin. This means you can only use ScriptCraft in Multi-Player mode. ScriptCraft uses a particular version of the Minecraft Server - that provided by CanaryMod. You can find information about installing CanaryMod and ScriptCraft below...


The book Writing Minecraft Plugins in Javascript is available in print and ebook formats. There is also an online book Errata (errors and their corrections).

Source Code

ScriptCraft is open-source. The source code is hosted on GitHub.


If you have questions or would like to report bugs or request enhancements you can do so on the ScriptCraft Discussion Group page.


The opening crawl of Star Wars Episode IV in Minecraft using ScriptCraft's blocktype module...

A simple mini-game written in JavaScript - SnowBall Fight. Fire snowballs at opposing team members to score points.

Exploding Arrows, Teleporting Arrows and other cool stuff using ScriptCraft.

Contact Details

Walter Higgins