The 'Pwesus Twistals'

2011/11/16 12:02

OK a few weeks ago we got the table for our new kitchen and it had huge sheets of Styrofoam on it so I came up with the idea that the sylvanians could have a snowball fight using the little balls that fall off the Styrofoam when you rub it.I used twenty of them as snowballs ,then I cut about five balls in half and put them on the characters heads (Some snow will probably get on your head if  your having a fight). Then I got a big chunk of them and squished them into the babies pull along truck.Charlotte and her friends like to examine the 'pwesus twistals' ( precious crystals).

I was busy sewing a dress using blue silk  when I discovered that it would be an amazing thing to use for water.It looks amazing .I don't have my own display things yet but I hope I'll get them soon.

OK another idea.You can fill your sylvanian bath with teddy bear stuffing.No expensive gooey stuff.No sticky sylvanians. OK you get the idea I could be on about this forever.Bya.