Origami Bags!!!

2011/12/05 18:12

Ok last night I got bored so I started messing up my room trying to find something to do. I found a stick with a long rainbow ribbon and danced through the hall with it keeping it high so Harley couldn't get it. After about five minutes of this I got bored and threw it into a corner and started messing more stuff up until I found a bag full of ELASTIC!!!!!! I got really excited and tried to find something to sew it onto. After a while I got tired and my arms began to hurt from all the spiky bits of cardboard and the weight of  a big box so I got onto my bed read a book and had a snooze. I woke up fifteen minutes later all because of a cat sitting on the wall meowing at Harley. I decided to do something with my paper fashion books so I got them and an origami book out and began wondering and whispering to myself until I decided that I would make a bag for my sylvanians. I folded it out and glammed it up with butterfly paper and beads and this is the result.

It looks like leather but it is just plain paper with a design on it.You can put things in it and it is perfect size for sylvanians. I didn't follow the instructions in the book because it was too small for the instructions. Here is another picture from more of a distance.

This is the size of it on an adult sylvanian.