Maybe one more....

2012/02/19 09:10

I am one of those people that say 'Ok this is the LAST sylvanian building I will ever buy' and then two days later say 'Oh, well maybe it would be nice if I got a cottage for this sylvanian because these are all squashed together'. Then 5 days after say 'OK this cottage won't be complete without a café... but it will be the VERY LAST ONE' and a week later say 'Oh I just can't let the poor sylvanians not have a school'  Then 3 weeks later say 'OK this is my VERY VERY LAST BUILDING' . I keep the promise for about 2 months then say 'Oh these are REALLY squished together... they really need a new house but THIS WILL BE THE LAST ONE I EVER BUY'. On Christmas then I think to myself ' Well I didn't say that I couldn't get something for Christmas. Uck I can't fit it THIS WILL BE MY LAST HOUSE EVER'. I've kept the promise to myself for a month but just started to think about a place for the waitress to live while she is not in the café or minding Charlotte  (Not many people visit the café unless its a special occasion so Marion has to to a bit of childminding). I was thinking of letting her live in my old sewing box but its a SEWING BOX not a house and she might prick herself on one of the pins I left there.... some of them are so small I can't pick them up. They are the ones I use for making sylvanian clothes.