Here Kitty Kitty!

2011/11/22 18:33

Today I saw the most adorable kitten at school!! It was white with black spots and half the size of Harley. Some of the girls were chasing it all over the yard and I felt so bad for letting them do it that I wanted to call the police and the animal cruelty society. Cats are not my favorite animals but they are still adorable. The kitten actually went inside the school at one point so the teacher got the caretaker to get the kitten out. Some people were screaming but most people were 'aww poor thing' ing  like mad hatters!!! I thought for a moment that I liked the cat more than Harley but then I got back to my senses. (Phew)      After a while it got bored of checking us all out and went out sitting in the garden staring at the birds.  The birds were all tiny and seemed very happy hopping up and down under the trees. The day was gorgeous so we went outside for basketball, my least favorite P.E. activity. My hands were dark brown by the time the lesson finished because there had been a storm last night and all the ground was wet and so were the balls. I kept on bending down because the ball kept rolling away when I was dribbling ( the bouncing ball type of dribbling not the mouth one).  Still wondering what I want for Christmas. I have my eye on some stuff but I am not sure yet and I don't want to be using tippex on my Christmas paper. I have to make my sylvanians some boxes and cards now so bye bye.